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Frequent and harsh natural disasters in Indonesia have greatly increased the need for Bumi Sehat’s health and human services.

In 2018, Bumi Sehat disaster relief services helped 52,121 people in Lombok, Sulawesi and Bali. An additional 33,408 people received medical and educational services in Aceh, the epicenter of the 2004 tsunami. Bumi Sehat is always ready to be a medical and human resource early responder to disasters inIndonesia, and when called, worldwide.

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Your donations to our Disaster Relief Fund currently support these efforts:

Bumi Resource Center
Now under construction in Bali, the Bumi Resource Center will serve as a safe evacuation site, should Mount Agung erupt significantly again. In times of peace, the Resource Center will be used to house Bumi Sehat Youth Education programs. Special Terima Kasih to Hinoki and Earth Company, for significantly contributing to his earthquake resistant, beautiful building. Bali’s volcano, Gunung Agung, has erupted many times in 2018 and 2019; though less violently than in 2017. Volcanologists report that our volcano is once again in an eruptive phase.
Lombok Medical Relief
On August 4th 2018, Lombok island was devastated by a 7.0 earthquake. Hundreds perished and 417,000 people were left homeless. Bumi Sehat has responded with a permanent medical team. On August 19th, our medics experienced firsthand the shock of major earthquakes, when shakers of 6.5 and 7.0 again traumatized North Lombok. Aftershocks and torrential rains continue to plague survivors, who now face outbreaks of malaria and rabies. Hospitals and government health centers were reduced to rubble or are teetering on the verge of collapse. In North Lombok, 80% of the homes and structures were destroyed. March 17th 2019, East Lombok was hard hit by another major earthquake. By morning, Bumi Sehat’s medical relief team was already providing early response help for the survivors.
Sentani Papua Flood Relief
March 16th 2019, Sentani Papaua was devastated by floods. The Angel Hiromi Bumi Sehat Childbirth Center has become an evacuation and food distribution site for the families made homeless.
Ganesha Go-bag Disaster Preparedness
In case of Earthquake, Tsunami, Eruption, Landslide, Fire, Typhoon, or any unexpected event, Bumi Sehat is prepared. Our staff and volunteers have designed a course focused on safety, survival and best disaster preparedness for families. We are currently seeking funding to provide village families with Ganesha Go-Bags, filled with the supplies to insure survival, should communities become homeless.
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