Lombok Earthquake Relief

Update: Donations to the Lombok Earthquake Relief can now be made at our Disaster Relief Fund page here. Thank you to everyone who has given generously so far.

Earthquakes as large as 7.0 in magnitude with hundreds of aftershocks have been striking the island of Lombok, Bali’s closest neighbouring island, destroying homes, schools, and hospitals.

Over 42,000 families in Lombok and East Bali have been left homeless in the aftermath. The weather in upcountry Lombok has become cold, rainy and windy, people are without shelter, there is no electricity and potable water is running out. Hundreds of people have died and the injured need help.

Bumi Sehat Foundation is coordinating with IDEP Foundation to bring much needed relief to the survivors. Your help is needed, so please donate generously! Donations can be made online or directly to the Bumi Sehat clinic in Nyuh Kuning, Bali.

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