Mount Agung Relief

Update: Donations to the Gunung Agung Relief can now be made at our Disaster Relief Fund page here. Thank you to everyone who has given generously so far.

Bali’s volcano, Gunung Agung, has began erupting again after being dormant for 50 years and is disrupting the lives of local villages and farmers with ash fall, and lava and mud flows.

Currently, there are around 4,000 people living in government refugee camps who face an uncertain future. They may lose their land and their livelihoods if the volcano has a large-scale eruption. Your help provides shelter, food and medical services for pregnant evacuees and their families.

Bumi Sehat clinic in Nyuh Kuning is acting as a drop-off point for donations. Our team delivers the much needed supplies to displaced communities directly affected by this state of emergency.

What We Need: N-95 Face Masks | Shovels & Work Gloves | Foods (Ready to eat and healthy) | Burn Ointments | Inhalers | Clean Bedding | Eye Drops | Coffee, Tea, Sugar | Towels | First Aid Supplies | Buckets | Tarps | Solar Lights | Water Filters & Funding.

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