Scholarship Programs

Bumi Sehat Foundation International fundamentally believes in supporting the next generation of health care providers and teachers to ensure that traditional knowledge is not lost.

We provide educational grants to teachers, midwives and nurses so that young women from poor families who wish to serve their communities have access to the education that will make this possible.

Midwifery Scholarships
The Peaceful Midwifery Scholarships are critical to improving health outcomes as much as generating peace, one midwife and one birth at a time. By educating these women, each one is being empowered as an individual, improving the quality of life for her, her family, and her village. At the moment of birth, a midwife holds the space for one woman and one baby (sometimes more!) as they move through the journey of birth life into the world. Birth may be a short journey, but the love and energy through that process stays with a mother and her child for a lifetime.
Continuing Education Scholarships
Continuing education is important to the Bumi Sehat team of midwives and traditional birth attendants. Workshops by clinical educators from around the world are held throughout the year to keep these practitioners as well as midwifery students from local communities well informed on up to date practices and on the path of learning and discovery. This allows for acknowledging, appreciation and acceptance on new perspectives and interpretations of birth practices.
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