Bumi Sehat Foundation International sponsors village-based recycling, which has resulted in the recognition of Nyuh Kuning as the cleanest village in Indonesia. In addition, we are educating youth in organic farming and thus opening a window of hope for the future of a healthy, Earth-friendly food supply.

Here are just a few of our Environment Programs:

Environmental Stability and Community Outreach
Bumi Sehat’s presence within our village community has inspired many ecological initiatives. People of all ages participate in regular, fun activities sponsored by our donors, which improve our village’s quality of life while preserving our precious environment.
Recycling Program
Bumi Sehat is blessed to have Pak Made Wena on our board. He, along with all of Team Bumi Sehat, is committed to ensuring balance between human existence and a healthy environment. Pak Made Wena inspires our village-wide recycling project. Elementary students and the elderly of Nyuh Kuning village all participate in weekly garbage pick-up in order to prevent the burning of trash. Paper, plastic and tin are recycled.
Organic Gardens
As part of our Youth Education and Community outreach programs, Bumi Sehat has a large community organic garden. The site provides students with hands-on experience in organic culture. In addition, we have the joyful experience of sharing our healthy, Earth-friendly food.
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