Sustainable Development Goals

Bumi Sehat working in small villages, has developed a rewarding model of care that is actively working to achieve each of the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

Here’s what we’ve done as we continue to move the conversation forward:

Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger
Our educational and capacity building programs are geared to both give the individual a better chance to succeed in society and also encourage them to take something back to their community. We’ve created community gardens; these engage youth in growing food and saving seeds, in the hope of ensuring food security.

By eliminating the stress that marginalized families face if they must pay for childbirth services, we prevent desperation sales of family rice fields. Our clinics involve local populations, providing much-needed jobs at fair wages. We exist as a model of cost-effective, quality care that encourages duplication.

Achieve Universal Education
Bumi Sehat’s Youth Education and Capacity Building Center gives children much-needed instruction in English language, music, organic gardening, and computer skills. In addition we have a scholarship program that fully supports young people, mostly girls, in achieving their dreams of becoming midwives, nurses and teachers.
Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women
Bumi Sehat’s education and health programs prioritize the needs of girls and women. After all, good health and access to information and education is the foundation for freedom. Our group education programs reached more than 7,600 young midwives and nurses in 2012, empowering their vision for the important roles they can play in relieving suffering, and capacity building their skills and ability to see themselves as leaders.
Reduce Child Mortality
Healthy children begin their journey in their mother’s wombs; Bumi Sehat begins there and even earlier, as we reach out with educational material that prepares couples for healthy and conscious conception. We provide support for healthy pregnancies with quality prenatal care that greatly reduces the risks of birth.

We boast a 100 percent rate of breastfeeding. (An infant in Indonesia who is fed infant formula is 300 times more likely to die in the first year of life, compared to a much healthier breastfed baby). We walk our talk: on principle, Bumi Sehat refuses the generous offers of sponsorship from infant formula companies.

We offer free pediatric clinics, health evaluations and nutritional support. Children with special needs may obtain therapies otherwise unavailable to them. We are open 24/7 for emergencies, and provide free transport to give children in remote areas access to healthcare. When critical care is needed, our ambulance and staff are always on-call.

Improve Maternal Health
Bumi Sehat provides prenatal check-ups, childbirth services, postpartum care and breastfeeding support, free of charge, so that all women may have access to these essential services. When a new mother in poverty needs critical care, Bumi Sehat transports and finds a way to pay for her care. No woman should die for giving life. Additional services for mothers and families include nutritional support, prenatal yoga, acupuncture and natural family planning.
Combat HIV/Aids, Malaria and Other Diseases
In 2013 Bumi Sehat is building her own lab. This will give free confidential access to each and every pregnant mother so she may be tested and treated for STIs, including HIV/AIDS. Our Aceh clinic offers free services to help combat malaria and many other life threatening diseases.
Ensure Environmental Sustainability
Bumi Sehat sponsors village-based recycling, which has resulted in the recognition of Nyuh Kuning as the cleanest village in Indonesia. In addition, we are educating youth in organic farming and thus opening a window of hope for the future of a healthy, Earth-friendly food supply.

Our Youth Center educational activities include instruction on environmental issues. Indonesia’s youth is concerned about the preservation of our planet. Our aim is to provide them with the intellectual tools and capability to do their part in keeping Mother Earth green.

Research has shown that individuals born without trauma have an intact capacity to love and trust. It is our hope that the gently-born Bumi Sehat babies will become stewards of our air, land and water.

Global Partnership for Development
This goal has been widely interpreted. As Bumi Sehat sees it, we are all responsible for building bridges of peace through sharing and charity, so that all people have access to the information and resources they need to improve their lives, according to their own cultural principles. Community healthcare, access to education, and environmental security are at the heart of global partnership. It begins in each home, each village, and spreads to uplift our world.
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