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The first Bumi Sehat Foundation International’s clinic is located in the village of Nyuh Kuning, just outside Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. The clinic was built to provide health services, in response to the growing economic disparity of the underserved local communities.

Despite increasing numbers of tourists in Bali each year, these tourist dollars do not filter down to the average Balinese individual.

This mass tourism has also resulted in a drastic increase in the cost of living; many Balinese struggle to pay for basic items like food, fuel, school fees, and especially healthcare for themselves and their families – and healthcare is often the first to be sacrificed. Unable to pay for health services, many families elect to go without care.

This is where Bumi Sehat enters the picture. Our new clinic has three dedicated birth rooms and four recovery rooms, as well as an acupuncture clinic and doctors rooms. We provide a variety of weekly clinics, ongoing birth services, and 24-hour a day emergency health services.

The Birth of the New Clinic

Bumi Sehat Foundation International has a fully equipped ambulance, essential for transporting emergencies that occur in birth. Most families in Bali only have a motorbike. To ensure safe transport for newborns and healing mothers, all families are given a ride home in the ambulance after the birth.

The ambulance is also employed for hospital transport of motorbike accident victims, sick children or the elderly.

Bumi Sehat – Bali Community Health Clinic conducts approximately 20,000 consultations and over 400 births per year.

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